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Welcome to Comlite LED Limited.


Comlite LED Limited is a professional LED factory in Guangdong China. We are engaged in LED lighting fixture research, design, production, foreign trade and purchasing. We run our factory under ISO9001:2000 quality system, and most products get CE and RoHS certificates which guarantee goods quality and will be easier and convenient for you to marketing our products.


We mainly produce waterproof LED lights, such as 100meter deep  underwater LED fishing Lights, 12V 24V Submarine LED Fishing Lights, Dock Boat Fish farm Underwater LED Fishing Lights, Night Fishing LED Lights Squid fishing, Fish Attractant Equipment LED Lights, IP68 LED pool lights for decorative lighting, IP67 LED inground lights for park outdoor lighting, IP65 LED garden spotlights working outdoor, IP65 LED step lights and wall lights, hotspring spa underwater LED lights and so on. The products are widely used as different kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative or illuminate lighting, fishing and diving work.


We have a strong R&D team who is professional in the areas of LED application, electronics, illumination, structure, technical design and so on; and we also have an experienced foreign trade sales team who is passionate, professional and hard-working.


Products have been already widely used in worldwide and get high reputation from markets. First grade products and professional service are what we constantly pursue for.


We look forward to being of service to you...


Comlite LED Limited---Manufacturer of the LED Underwater fishing lights

Sales Manager: Abbie Tian

Wechat/Skype: comlite

Mob/WhatsApp: +8615986658054

Email: sales@comlitestore.com

Website: http://www.comlitestore.com  http://www.nightfishinglight.net/







Comlite-LED Fishing Lights Manufacturing

  • 600-4000W LED fishing light (AC Power)for large fish farm, Commerical Fishing, deepsea Fishing.
  • 90-800W LED fishing light(12V/24V Power) for deep sea fishing, Dock Lighting
  • 8-60W LED fishing light (DC Power)for fishing lover's helper, small boat lighting.
  • Dual Color LED Fishing lights, RGB LED underwater lights, Dimmer, Remote are available
  • White Fishing light for General Purpose
  • Blue Fishing light for Prawns and Fish
  • Green Fishing light for squid, salmon
  • Yellow color simulation ecology sunlight, soft light for most of the fish




600W-7500W Submersible  LED Fishing Light

220V Underwater LED Fishing Light for Deep sea Fishing, Big Game Fishing, Fish Farm Lighting, Commerial Fishing.

90W-800W Underwater LED Fishing Lights

The only Professional Factory of Middle Power Underwater LED Fishing Lights

8-60W LED Fish Attracting Lights

LED fishing lights 8-60W are Good for boat running with battery, high brightness and dimmable to attract fish and stable fish gathing. 

Dual Color and RGB LED Fishing Lights with Remote

Dual Color RGB  LED Fishing lights would work for different situation when you want differnt fish or working in different water. Also it is a good sample to find out what color is suitable for you. 

Fishing Lighting Manufacturing, Since 2012

COMLITE involved in the demand for light sources for Fishing and fish farms. Night Fishing Underwater LED Lights attract more fish and more energy efficient than halogen lamps, more color for choose in different waters. LED lights in fish farm application are used to gather fish for feeding and catching in large fishing ponds. What is more, the light can help algae grow. The underwater LED Fishing light is also submarine LED Grow Lights for plant in water. 

We understand your fishing business

COMLITE LED underwater fishing light use reasonable spectral wavelength, high light flux, simulate summer sunlight, help fish better growth and higher slaughtering quality. 
COMLITE LED Underwater lights are specially designed to reduce the temperature of the water around the lamp body and better integrate into the algae environment, which helps to reduce the time cost of algae farming and obtain better quality submarine plants faster.

  • Comlite Led Limited
  • 5F, Building 48, 2 Row, QintangXincun, Huizhe Avenue, Shuikou Town, Huichen District, Huizhou City, Guangdong, China 516102
  • 516102
  • 86-159-86658054
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  • Abbie Tian (Sales)
  • 86-15986658054

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