12V Fishing Light 60W LED Underwater Fishing Light Lures for River Lake fishing

12V Fishing Light 60W LED Underwater Fishing Light Lures for River Lake fishing

Model No.︰B4B060-60-COB

Brand Name︰COMLITE

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


1. Underwater LED Fishing Light

2. 60W Super Bright LED Lights, 48000 lumens brightness

3. Input: DV12V

4. 50,000 Hours of continuous use

5. Built-in load-bearing objects, a 200g lead sinker, diving performance is even better when fishing

6. IP Rate: IP68, Good Seal (The highest level of waterproof rating standards)

7. Length: 33cm , easy to store and no breakage

8. Weight: 1500g

9. Can be used both in fresh and salty water

10. Fit for: green light for squid, Blue light for krill and phytoplankton, White light for general purpose fishing light

Feature& Advantage:

1. Underwater LED fishing lights, energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption is only 20W, long service life, more than 100000h;

2. This submerged fishing lure fish lamp is composed of five sides x 4W lamps. The perfect three-dimensional design produces 360-degree dead-endless illumination; the light penetrating performance is strong. It has 16,000 lumens of spectrum in deep water and can attract more fish come here to increase your fishing pleasure and gain.

3. Submersible Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lamp, Very effective to catch prawns, squids, baits and fish crowds

4. With a transformer chip, can be used under both 12V and 24V conditions

Please note: From the fishing light 3M distance(Glare Zone), there is no fish. From 3M-7M area (Low Light) , attract fish.


1. Max Depth 5-6m underwater

2. Avoid using after it's exposed to strong sunshine

3. Avoid using close to high temperature objects



1.The transformation of large fishing vessels

2.Light cover net, sea fishing

3.Cage net, small fishing net

4.Silver nets,fishermen modified net

5.Fish ponds,fishing in the lake.

The package included: 1* fishing light

How to Choose Fishing Light Color Attract prawns, squids and Fish to your favorite spot with these super bright LED fishing lights.

These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m through water to attract marine life at night. We recommend the following colors for these applications:

-White for General Purpose

-Blue for Prawns and Fish

-Green for squid

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